Sponsor Prizes

Our featured sponsors are upping the stakes. Integrate these APIs for a chance at bonus prizes! More sponsor contests coming soon!



Build the next Uber for…" Delivering food, parcels or groceries. Getting a ride or getting someone to come and fix your bike. Location technology can add so much to the services we use every day.

Your challenge, should you accept it, is to use the TomTom Maps APIs (and combine it with other services) to build an innovative on-demand service.

Prize #1: Up to four (4) Nintendo Switches for the winning team.

Prize #2: Diversity Heroes Award - we are giving away a prize to the team that leverages their diversity to complete the hackathon challenge: up to five (5) Lego sets of heroes that leveraged diversity to succeed at a complex challenge.

Bankenu in partnership with Techfugees

Bankenu offers a P2P payment system/wallet on Stellar for freelancers and business owners. It should be compatible to get connected to PayPal, WeChat, and Bank accounts. The goals of this contest are to develop Online Identification to identify our users while they're registering themselves and Web Payment to be able to offer payment via scanning a QR code. The registration process must not take more than 5-8 minutes.
It is to be noted that the payment process is going from a user to an anchor, which is a bank. The bank exchanges the cryptocurrency to cash immediately (Under 5 seconds) and gives the end-user local currency.

Bankenu will offer a position on their board, which will, of course, follow to a full-time job if winners are interested; Techfugees will provide an invitation to the Global Summit 2020